Sick Dog Owner, Sick Dog

Have you ever been sick as a dog, so to speak? So sick that even your loved ones want to avoid you like the plague. Yet, through it all, your faithful little pet companion stays by your side. You may be sick as a dog, but he is still healthy and ever loving, not worried about getting sick, but instead worried about you. Wanting only to offer you comfort, he is unaware that he can actually get sick too, and you may be unaware of this fact as well.

Sick Dog Owner, Sick DogIt’s true folks–if you have the flu, you may end up with a sick dog as well. Just as some diseases can pass from animals to humans, so can some diseases pass from humans to animals. It is a fact a dog owner can easily overlook, or any other pet owner for that matter.

“We worry a lot about zoonoses, the transmission of diseases from animals to people,” says associate professor Christiane Loeher, from the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. “But most people don’t realize that humans can also pass diseases to animals, and this raises the questions and concerns about mutations, new viral forms, and evolving diseases that may potentially be zoonotic. And, of course, there is a concern about the health of the animals.”

According to Science Daily, even scientists are now starting to recommend that if you are sick, you need to pretty much stay away from anything else that breathes, else you end up with a sick dog on your hands. Since the first confirmed case of a human to cat transmission of the N1H1 virus in 2009, they are furthering research on the phenomenon of what they call “reversed zoonosis”.

In the meantime, pet owner, if you experience a major illness such as the flu and then notice your pet is acting sickly or lethargic; you may want to get it to the vet for diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, maybe just suffer alone without the familiar comfort of another family member or your faithful companion that will surely not like being away from your side when you are sick.

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Sick Dog Owner, Sick Dog