Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets?

Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets?Pit Bulls are breeds that are part of the American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT) Staffordshire Bull Terriers American Staffordshire Terriers (AST) and a mix of the different breeds.

Pit Bulls have the mentality of a terrier, are energetic, strong, and can be single minded. They are genetically inclined to be aggressive therefore; owners must control their Pit Bull around other animals and be the pack leader.

The personality of the Pit Bull is humorous, they love their owners, like to cuddle, but can be very determined when their mind is set on something. If they have the mind to chase the neighbor’s cat, dig under a fence, or just sit on their owners and give them lots of doggie kisses they put their all into it. Pit Bulls need a positive outlet for all their energy and daily exercise.

When a Pit Bull shows aggression to people it is not the same as aggression to other dogs. When a Pit Bull has been trained to attack or been bred without care of bloodline they will be more prone to be aggressive to humans. A severely shy Pit Bull or extreme aggressiveness towards humans may be related to an unstable genetic trait.

Pit Bulls have been given a bad rap in the media and are not the devil dog they are portrayed to be. They are animals who have been companions to many people who feel their lives have been enriched by their pet. When their energy is positively channeled, they show intelligence, physical agility, and bravery. They are used in search and rescue, therapy, and are trained as service dogs to the disabled. Pit Bulls model the behaviors their owners impart in them and their actions and behaviors are indicative of the training, care, and socialization shown by the owner. Look for Dog breeders at Vadzilla where they can help locate breeders who care about the breed. You can also find a local veterinarian; find supplies and good information for your pet.

Just as with any breed, care must be taken with dogs around children. A Pit Bull is a very active dog and needs daily exercise, and should be taught good manners such as knowing not to jump on people. A young Pit Bull is not recommended for households with young children. Usually a dog that has matured past the age of four is better with children.

Pit Bulls make loyal, loving, wonderful pets as long as the owner takes the responsibility of understanding the breed and learning how to be the leader of the pack.

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Do Pit Bulls Make Good Pets?